We compare prices and provide easy payment plans

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Treatment costs are based on length of treatment time and complexity of treatment plan.

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starting at $3,500
starting at $3,500
starting at $6,000
starting at $6,000
starting at $3,000
starting at $3,000

There are additional promotions. Please ask our clinic coordinator your eligibility.

Payment Plans

Our contract can be adjusted on your phone to set up your desired amount of downpayment and monthly payment.

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Compare Costs

We optimize our system to lower unnecessary management cost while investing in products and services of the latest proven technology and the highest quality. You hear it right. We price match.*

*We match to our colleague's fee if all four conditions are met:
same treatment goal, same appliances, same ABO board certification, within 5-mile driving distance from Redmond Ridge Orthodontics.

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