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Patient Resources

We believe in transparency. If you have questions about our care, feel free to ask and get the answers you need.

Orthodontics does not need to be complicated! We want to make sure that your first visit to our office is as easy and user friendly as possible, and you can access our patient resources here to get ready for your first orthodontic appointment in Redmond, Washington.

Insurance & Financial Options

Redmond Ridge Orthodontics will facilitate most insurance processing for your orthodontic treatment. Please ask about the flexible payment options we provide.

Quality Service

We use the best appliances and supplies available and pride ourselves on providing the highest quality care while still being considerate about your budget. Our office makes our treatments affordable and reasonable, so you can gain the individual or family service you need, without breaking the bank.

We invite you to fill out the Contact Us form below for an appointment with our orthodontist, Dr. Wei Tian.